Irish Redhead Convention sees thousands of gingers descend on Cork for celebration

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Irish Redhead Festival Will Not Go Ahead This Year Due to a Lack of Sponsor

I was standing in a record-breaking crowd of 1, natural redheads, all dressed in various shades of blue, posing for a group photo in a large green field. We had all come together for a weekend-long international redhead festival held in the Netherlands. As photographers were hoisted up into the sky on large cranes, I looked around at the colors.

Book readings/signings, speed dating, screenings, music, and carrot tossing for kids, as well as mandarin orange on a spoon race! Lots of awards.

The popular Red Head Convention is set to take place from the 21 st until the 23 rd August in the sailing village of Crosshaven just 25 kilometres from Cork City. Now in its 6 th year of existence the widely celebrated festival sees hundreds of redheads from all over the globe gather in the seaside village for this unique festival. The popular Redhead Convention is set to take place in the sailing village of Crosshaven from the 21st until the 23rd August The whacky festival of fun will also see fun activities such as ginger speed dating, carrot tossing, group photoshopts as well as freckle counting.

Red hair, the rarest of hair colours, accounts for only 0. With many hotels near Crosshaven to choose from, a visit to Crosshaven in the County Cork is a must! Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Irish Redhead Convention 2015

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Ginger speed dating is pretty fast and pretty foxy. No fear of the death of the ginger gene — Redhead Convention.

I was standing in a record-breaking crowd of 1, natural redheads, all dressed in various shades of blue, posing for a group photo in a large green field. We had all come together for a weekend-long international redhead festival held in the Netherlands. As photographers were hoisted up into the sky on large cranes, I looked around at the colors. From shades of deep burgundy to yellow-tinted gold, the entire spectrum was there.

From burnt orange to an orange that resembled a pile of autumn leaves. Bright copper and ginger and strawberry blonde and auburn. There were babies with bright and pure curls, balding men with those telltale ginger bleach-blonde eyebrows, and older women whose once-flaming hair had grayed to a duller straw yellow kind of orange. So many different combinations.

A bright, beautiful sea of red. You can go be with your people. My sister has dark brown hair and tans easily, and unlike me, was never made fun of for being pale and pasty while we were growing up. My coppery red hair is not the hair of someone who goes quietly through life. I expected to find that feeling of belonging I so longed for. The first gathering of Redhead Days in the small Dutch town of Breda dates back to , when the blonde painter Bart Rouwenhorst put an advertisement in the local newspaper asking for 15 natural redheaded women to model for him.

Of Course There’s An Annual Convention For Redheads, And It’s Awesome

By Rory Tingle For Mailonline. An Irish village turned into a sea of red today as more than 1, people arrived for a festival to celebrate their ginger hair. Advertised as a ‘fun filled weekend of freckles and frolics’, the event includes ginger speed dating and a carrot tossing championship. An Irish village was turned into a sea of red this weekend as more than 1, people arrived for a festival to celebrate their ginger hair.

David Scherger attended day two on Saturday.

This is a weekend of fun and activities and a celebration of all things ginger with music, speed dating, competitions, carrot tossing, cinema.

Search Search. Menu Sections. Photo: Diane Cusack. Redheads have descended in their droves to Cork to attend the sixth annual Irish Redhead Convention. C rosshaven, Co Cork, is the site of the convention, which is a celebration of of all things ginger. The convention kicked off yesterday with the ‘red-gistration’ and redheads arriving from all over the country and abroad too. Carrot-tossing, ginger speed-dating, freckle counting, certificates of genuine foxiness and the coronation of the Redhead King and Queen are just some of the events that are taking place.

Wow – that’s a ginger Afro!!! Omga ginger parade IrishRedHeads Foxyfest pic. Last night had a red head darts competition and a the ‘red crawl’ pub crawl through Crosshaven.

My Not-So-Rosy View of the World’s Largest Redhead Festival

Plus, he was tall, blond and his smile revealed an adorable little gap between his front teeth. So when I decided to leave, my hopeful heart opened and I asked for his number. So long as we can just be friends? I had to reread it several times. So, to be honest, it hurt my damn feelings. A study published in Psychological Studies asked men and women to wear different-colored wigs to see which hair color was psychologically the most attractive.

13 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Redhead. Ginger Speed Dating..​. this is your chance to met the guy or girl of your dreams! Ginger.

Crosshaven is a village near Cork City with beautiful views of the Cork Harbor and is famous for its Royal Cork Yacht Club, and jolly folks came as far as California and as close as around the corner to take part in the festivities. There was a wonderful spirit of camaraderie, shared stories and good cheer throughout the weekend. Lots of awards were given including best red beard, the best red dog, curliest red hair, and most freckles, which among our group seemed to be a bit of a controversial choice, but in the spirit of the day, smiles prevailed.

Kerry man Alan Reidy, had the most amazing hair, a wild red afro, coupled with his sweet smile, freckles and dimples was rightfully crowned the King of the Redheads and the lovely Grainne Keena from Cork was our Queen. They led the parade of red heads around the village, leaving traffic in their stead — it was dazzling! This redhead was happy to be in Ireland. But after an accident kept me out of commission for a few months last year, as I recovered, my state of mind was all about getting back to Ireland.

When I arrived a sigh of pleasure took over my body. I was home. Red Head Convention — Queen with King. Scientific freckle counting at the Red Head Convention. Orange spoon race at the Red Head Convention. Hi, This article was very interesting to me.


The three day festival in Crosshaven, Cork, concludes today and raises money in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. Well, besides looking like great craic altogether. We couldn’t find this Tweet.

There were speed-dating/speed-meeting sessions, fashion shows, a Mister Redhead pageant and a heel race, lectures on the history of red hair.

Redheads and coppertops of Australia, the time is near for the hottest event in the social calendar! The Ginger Pride Rally is back in Melbourne for a second year and set to be bigger, better and more fiery than the last. The rally will kick off at Melbourne band The Vanns will be back again this year to entertain the crowds, with Luize Scott and X Factor standouts Brentwood also joining the line-up. And for all the single redheads out there, Singles Events Melbourne will be playing coppertop Cupid with rounds of Ginger Speed Dating.

This year will be even gingerier than last, with a range of new additions and activities for every attendee to enjoy. Currently 1 in 5 Australian children report being bullied. We know that bullying can have severe, far reaching consequences. Events like the Ginger Pride Rally help to raise awareness about the significant effects bullying has on our community and provides a forum for discussion around the necessary steps required to support those adversely affected.

Irish Redhead Convention: Carrot-tossing, ginger speed-dating, certificates of genuine foxiness

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Cork was a sea of red hair as thousands gathered for the Irish Redhead Convention on Saturday, August 20, Peter Morrison/AP.

Thousands of redheads flock to annual ginger festival. Story No. Pull out of red-haired attendees at Redhead Days festival in Breda. For most people I think that’s hard to explain because they can always get lost in a crowd. I’ve never had that before now actually, and so it’s kind of a special, feeling it’s very unique.

Setup shot of Dr. That has to do with migration of people from countries populated with smaller amounts of redheads to countries with relatively larger amounts of a red haired population. In order to get a child with red hair you need a father and mother who are both carrying the red hair gene. However, in an entire population not everyone carries the red hair gene. There are people with different hair colours like blonde or brown.

If you mix the red gene and brown gene, there will be no red hair, if you mix brown and brown there will be no red, obviously. Only red gene and red gene carrier will produce a redhead. If more people without the red head gene join the population, the chance of redheads will decrease.

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Worldwide, an estimated one to two percent of humans have red hair. In Ireland, though, that number jumps to about 10 percent of the population. So of course a convention for redheads takes place on the Emerald Isle. The Irish Redhead Convention is an annual meeting for fiery-haired humans from all walks of life.

Quirky activities such as freckle counting, carrot tossing, and ginger speed dating will be taking place.

Hundreds of redheads have gathered in Ireland to celebrate their flamed locks and everything to do with them. The festival was started by brother and sister Joleen and Denis Cronin. We said, ‘Let’s have a party but we’ll only invite people with red hair. Grainne Keena, Queen of the Redheads for , said: “It’s a true honour for me to be representing fellow redheads and I’m really happy to be a representative.

I can’t wait for the year that follows and I’d like to say to every ginger out there to embrace their natural gingerness and to know it’s a true asset and a beauty to be very proud of. Ginger snaps: hundreds gather to celebrate all things red-haired.

Ginger snaps: hundreds gather to celebrate all things red-haired

The 7th Irish Red Head Convention took place this year in Crosshaven, 19thst and once again was a great success. From carrot tossing championships and live music on the Foxygen and ElectRED Picnic stages, to seminars on redhead history and ginger speed dating, there was something for every redhead and redhead appreciator at the Irish Redhead Convention!

Mind boggling magic, mentalism and close-up illusions were performed by redhead television magician Rua. Jacky Colliss Harvey gave a seminar on the most influential Irish redheads in our history and discussed important red hair throughout the ages. To add some fun and to include all, there was a variety of competitions for both red headed: humans and dogs. Various sports included: bowling, tug of war, parachute activities and obstacle course.

There were speed-dating/speed-meeting sessions, fashion shows, a Mister Redhead pageant and a heel race, lectures on the history of red hair, and.

Gingerism is the last socially acceptable form of discrimination, according to the author of a new book exploring the history of red-headedness. Writer Jacky Colliss Harvey discussed the discrimination many redheads around the world still face when she gave a talk at the Irish Redhead Convention in Co. The flame-haired author’s new book, “Red — A Natural History of the Redhead,” examines the history of red hair through the ages, as well as focusing on modern-day attitudes to people with red hair.

She said: “Prejudice against redheads goes back thousands and thousands of years to the time of the ancient Greeks and later across medieval Europe. It’s one of the last great social prejudices. A University College Cork -based study last year found that as many as nine out of ten ginger-haired men worldwide have been the victims of bullying. And Colliss Harvey, a University of Cambridge graduate, agreed that the experience for redheaded males tends to be far more negative than female counterparts, whose hair color is often regarded as far more attractive.

Although Colliss Harvey doesn’t believe gingerism can be practically tackled by expanding the definition of hate crime laws, she said more needs to be done to tackle the problem of bullying and discrimination. But she said she believed attitudes have started to change for the better, including a growing confidence within the redheaded community. She explained: ” Redheads are definitely embracing their identity more than ever before and you can see that with all the festivals that take place.

There’s a great sense of community that you get from having red hair and I think it naturally makes you more tolerant and sympathetic to other minority groups. More than 2, redheads, including some from as far away as Australia, attended the latest ginger-themed event in Crosshaven, Co.

Redhead Dating: 7 Redheads Share Their Experiences